High power vacuuming for all your needs

High power vacuuming is an efficient and inexpensive way to remove various types of insulation, lecasora and soil. High power vacuuming is suitable for eg. for removing sawdust, litter, shavings, peat, blasting wool, soil, gravel, Singel and brick / concrete waste.

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Eko-Expert’s state-of-the-art and efficient equipment combined with knowledgeable staff ensures fast, efficient and accurate high power extraction. For example, when renovating a building, the removal of old insulation material is efficiently dust-free, but also quick.

High power vacuuming with large tanks is effective

Vacuum cleaners have a tank capacity of 20-30 cubic meters, allowing large tanks to work efficiently with fewer emptying cycles. Insulation removal and transport is more efficient when the container does not have to be emptied so often. At the same time, the environmental load decreases.

High power vacuuming allows the waste to be sucked directly into the tank without the need for trash and / or dedicated labor. After vacuuming, the waste will be transported to the final disposal site or, if desired, an interim storage facility for further disposal.

Suction and reuse of blown insulation

Reusing blown wools such as rock wool, glass wool or pulp wool is easy and effective.

Example of reuse in the same destination
Blown insulation is removed by suction and packed. Later, the insulation can be blown back to the same object, for example.

Example of reuse in different locations
Blown insulation is removed by suction and blown directly into another building as a blowing insulation. The transfer distance can be up to 1000 meters.

High-power vacuuming and blowing of aggregate

Aggregate and moss can be heavily vacuumed from the roof for cleaning or replacement work. If the new coating is not completely installed, new aggregate can be blown into place. There are also patch blows.

Renting suction containers and tanks

One power unit, and one or more intermediate tanks containing a filter system are delivered to the site. The power unit produces a vacuum in the tank. The compressor has a suction capacity of 8,000 m3 / h.

The customer shall take care of waste costs and the emptying the tank at the waste station with his own equipment. Alternatively, Eko-Expert can take care of this according to separately agreed pricing.